The Molecular Biology and Genetics Department is founded with the approval of Higher Education Council on May 5th, 2011. Upon the completion of recruitment of its academic faculty, it will start its education in 2013 both on undergraduate and graduate levels.

Molecular Biology and Genetics has developed as a significant field of basic sciences in recent years and has been considered as one of the priority research areas in our country as in many other countries. The outcomes of the studies resulting from research in Molecular Biology and Genetics are widely used in many fields including primarily human health as well as other fields like medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, bioengineering and biotechnology. Therefore there is a need for molecular biologists that are equipped and familiar with most recent literature knowledge and techniques in molecular biology which can contribute to these applied fields on national and international basis.

Graduates of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics can work as molecular biologists and technical consultants in governmental and private laboratories, research institutes, genetics diagnosis centers, in research and development departments of biotech and pharmaceutical companies that make use of molecular genetics techniques to address different applied questions. There is also the possibility for the graduates to pursue an academic carrier in national and international universities.

Based on the nature of the academic structure in our country, Molecular Biology and Genetics Department will consist of two academic divisions which are Molecular Genetics and Molecular Cell Biology Divisions.


Uludag University
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

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